Core 40 Diploma

Starting in the fall of 1994, those students who plan to continue their high school education by attending a four-year college or university in the state of Indiana must enroll in and successfully complete certain courses in very specific areas of study. The same courses are strongly suggested for admission to a two-year public college or entry into the workforce. The state of Indiana Department of Education has designated this program as Indiana Core 40.

A student may complete the Core 40 by:

1. Taking 28-30 credits from this list:

  • Language Arts-- 8 credits in: Literature, Composition, and Speech
  • Math -- 6-8 credits in Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
  • Science -- 6 credits to include:
    • 2 Biology I
    • 2 Chemistry or Physics
    • 2 Additional from Physics, Earth/Space Science,Biology II, or Chemistry II
  • Social Studies -- 6 credits as follows:
    • 2 U.S. History
    • 1 Government
    • 1 Economics
    • 1 World History or World Geography
    • 1 Additional from above or other social studies courses
  • Physical Education -- 1 credit (two semesters)
  • Health/Safety -- 1 credit (one semester)
2. Choosing 8 credits in the courses from the list above or below:
  • Foreign Language--Latin, German, or Spanish
  • Fine Arts--Art, Music, or Drama
  • Computers--Computer Applications, Computer Programming
  • Career Area -- at least 6 credits in a logical sequence from a technical career area
3. Choosing 2 or 4 credits from any other courses offered.

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