Academic Honors Diploma

To receive an Academic Honors Diploma all of the following requirements must be met:

  I. Earn 47 credits; no grade lower than a C will be counted.
 II. Have an accumulative grade point average of a B (3.0) or above.
III. Earn credits in the following subjects with a grade of C or above.

A. Eight credits in English
B. Six credits in social studies, which must include two credits in US History, one in government, one in Economics, and one in either Geography or World History.
C. Eight credits in mathematics which consist of the following:
1. Algebra I
2. Geometry
3. Algebra II
4. Two credits from any class beyond Algebra II
D. Six credits in science to include:
1. Biology I
2. Two credits in either Chemistry I or Physics I
3. Two additional credits in either Biology I, Chemistry I, Physics I, or Earth/Space Science I.
E. Six credits in the same foreign language or four credits in each of two different foreign languages (8 credits).
F. Two credits in fine arts--Visual Arts, Choir, Band, Technical Theatre, or Theatre Arts.
G. One credit in Health.
H. One credit (two semesters) of Physical Education I.
The academic Honors diploma will be an additional honor to academically talented students. However, it is recommended that students continue to select high school courses in keeping with their individual talents, interests, and career objectives.

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