School Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Monday, May 21 - Chicken Fillet (NO FRY DAY)
Tuesday, May 22 - Manager's Choice (Assorted sandwiches: Hot dog, BBQ, etc.)
Wednesday, May 23 - Assorted Chicken
Thursday, May 24 - Manager's Choice (NO FRY DAY)

Breakfast Menu

Monday - Blueberry Pancakes or Breakfast Sliders (usually some of both, as long as we have both)
Tuesday - Sausage Biscuit or Egg w/cheese Biscuit
Wednesday - Bacon Scramble or Breakfast Pizza
Thursday - Biscuit and Gravy 
Friday - Chicken Biscuit Sandwich

We also offer a variety of other items, if the main entree is not wanted. Examples are Muffins (blueberry, banana, and chocolate), pop tarts (Strawberry, Fudge, and Brown Sugar/Cinnamon), Breakfast Bars (Oatmeal chocolate chip or banana chocolate chip), Peanut Butter and Jelly Jammers, Mini Bagels (Strawberry or Cinnamon) and once a week we offer cinnamon rolls or donuts. We also offer juice, fruit, and veggie trays daily, as well as milk!

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Summer Meal Information


Everyone 18 and younger eat for free without providing any individual eligibility information at all open sites. On or after June 1, all Indiana sites approved to serve meals can be found:

On the SFSP parent page

By texting "Summer Meals" to 97779

Or texting “Food” or “Comida” to 877

By calling 211