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    It's time to start thinking about blogging! Over the course of this nine weeks (and into second semester), we are going to blog about topics of interest and literature. Blogs have been around for quite a while now and exist in a myriad of topics. 

    To start out, let's talk about blogs. Do you read any? Do you have one or have you ever had one? If you have not created a blog yourself, what topic do you think you might explore? Leave a response by Thursday, October 30.


    When I was about fifteen, I read a book about a girl who went to study abroad in Florence, Italy. As I read about her adventures on the Ponte Vecchio, I dreamed of someday crossing that famous bridge myself. Years later, when I found myself visiting that magical city, I remembered reading that novel and marveled at how I had finally gotten to visit! 

    Is there some special place you would like to visit? Or is it a place that you have been to already? What is about that city or place that intrigues you? 



    Eli first entered the compound with his family when he was nine years old to escape the devastation of a nuclear attack on the United States. 

    Even though his wealthy father built and stocked the compound with everything they could need, Eli is feeling bitter and restless after six years underground.  Not only is he plagued with guilt over his missing twin brother Eddy and his grandmother, he is also beginning to question his father’s motives. 

    Eli is not a likable character at first.  Eddy was the good twin, the one who cared for others.  Eli was always more concerned with getting more for himself, and now he keeps his sisters at a distance by being a first class jerk to them. 
    He’s not all bad, though. 

    As he begins to question the facts their father has told them, he spots holes in the story his father tells. He digs deeper and finds shocking answers that cause him to make choices that change him and change the fates of all of them. 

    His father
    appears at first to be both brilliant and empathetic.  He thought through their every need and even many of their wants for their fifteen year stay in the compound.  As Eli learns more about his father, I realized he is perfectly evil and powerful.

    The Compound was SA Bodeen’s first novel.  I found it to be an exciting read with many surprises revealed at just the right moment.  It raises the questions of just how far someone might go to survive (her novel The Gardener is similar).  How far should anyone be allowed to go in the name of science?  

    Most importantly, is it too late now that his father won't let anyone leave?



     Here's Meredith with a 10 ft. Kodiak bear at the Evansville Museum. She's only 4 ft. tall, just to provide a reference!


    Like you, every May, I cannot wait until summer...but probably not for the same reason! I anxiously await the three months of glorious reading! I get to catch up on all the books that have been on my reading list throughout the school year!

    This summer was certainly NO exception for some outstanding YA titles. Here are a couple of titles I read that really stood out...

    The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

    Okay, so I've read this before, but USI picked this YA title as its Spotlight Feature title and many of this year's freshmen at USI are voraciously reading this masterpiece! It's about sixteen-year-old Hazel, a stage IV thyroid cancer patient, who has accepted her terminal diagnosis until a chance meeting with a boy at cancer support group forces her to reexamine her perspective on love, loss, and life.

    The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

    Prepare yourself to be sucked into the story of Cassie, on the run through a devastated world with little more than an M-16 that she's not that experienced at using. Cassie's searching for her little brother Sammy, who's been taken away, supposedly to safety, by a group of soldiers who may not be what they seem. Meanwhile, her high school crush Ben is recruited into a platoon of child soldiers being trained to wipe out alien-controlled humans. Then there's mystery woodsman Evan, who lives in an isolated cabin and seems to have survived the successive waves of attack suspiciously unscathed.

    So, how about YOU? What did you read this summer or what are you reading now?

    Share your titles, authors and brief descriptions with us. Remember, NO SPOILERS!

    Be sure to leave your comment about your latest read by Friday September 20, 2013 to receive credit!

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